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New Features

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As always, we've been hard at work making ExamPortal better. Here's some new stuff you may be interested in.

Speech to Text

With Speech - To - Text functionality, students can speak into a microphone and have their words transferred to the Exam Portal system.

Text To Speech

All official South African additional languages - English, Afrikaans, isiZulu, Ndebele etc. are available.

Exam Portal Home Edition

Exam Portal Home Edition allows students to use the software at home or outside of school. It allows users to upload an exam into the system and can be answered by the students. The home edition also supports our powerful Text-to-Speech engine which can read text back to the user in any of the South African languages.

Word Control Integration

With the Word control ntegration feature, students will have a Microsoft Word look and feel while answering their exam on the Exam Portal software. Student may also insert tables, charts, images etc. as part of their answers.

Bug fixes and performance improvements

Exam Portal have been improved in the background and bug fixes have been done.

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