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What is Exam Portal Home?

Exam Portal Home Edition is a simplified version of the Exam Portal Software (school version), that the students can now use at home for practicing purposes or to do their homework.

Exam Portal Home Edition allows parents or learners to quickly and easily upload content from Microsoft Word i.e. homework, assignments or practise tests and have the Text-To-Speech engine read back the text in all South African official languages. The software also has the capability of typing content in a Word like format which can also be read back and saved. The program is User friendly and easy to navigate.

Exam Portal Home features

Exam Portal Home Edition is a simplified version of the Exam Portal Software, with Text-to-Speech facility in all 11 South African Official languages, which students can use at home or in the classroom for practicing purposes or to complete their homework, without the need for their parent to assist them. The home edition can be used by students to become familiar with Exam Portal Software and voices, thus preparing them for their exams at school. Some unique features for the Home Edition solution.
Some unique features for the Home Edition solution include:

  • Simple, user friendly offline solution, with no need for an internet connection to operate.
  • Text to speech compatible in all eleven South African Languages, including Afrikaans and isiZulu.
  • Text to speech ability for both the exam/learning material and the answer area.
  • The ability to upload exams/material in both Microsoft Word and PDF format in seconds.
  • Answer area available to type answers or to summarize work. (Microsoft Word look and feel).
  • The ability to save and send typed answers.
  • The ability to load "write on answer sheets"
  • Speech to text compatible.
  • Solution is not reliant on data to operate.
  • Microsoft Windows based solution only.