Exam Portal is a fully fledged examination and assessment management system. It allows you to set, administer, result and manage assessments of various forms. From in-house homework questions, to projects, quizzes and even official assessments. Below is a very brief overview of one of the processes that users can utilize to create tests.

1Drag & Drop exam

Drag & Drop Exams

Quickly capture an Exam by dragging and dropping your desired test into the Test Upload Area. You can also upload an Exam as you would a normal document via the File Explorer in Windows. Once a test is uploaded it will be displayed below in the same format as it was set in word! Allowing students to view it next to their answer area in a neat side-by-side format.

2Quick Test Capture

Quick Test Capture

Should you want an interactive test, the Quick Test Capture option allows you to manually capture tests into the Exam Portal. You can set tests that are exclusively Multiple Choice, True and False, Open Ended, Closed Text or a combination of all four. Multiple Choice and True and False type questions and/or tests are automatically marked. This type of test capture is ideal for quizzes, homework, and even general survey type feedback from students or invigilators alike!

3Link students to test

Link exam to students

After an Exam has been successfully uploaded, or set via the Quick Test Capture, students can be conveniently linked in seconds. Students can be granted concessions for computer accommodation, which allows the student to type their answers, or an electronic reader concession, which allows for audio files to be uploaded and text-to-speech functionality.

4Schedule Test Time

Set test time for the students

Users can set the examination date, expiry date and test duration. Students cannot access the exam before the examination date is met. Once the time for the test runs out the program saves all the answers of the student and closes automatically.

5Learner logs in and writes exam

Student exam screen

Students can log in and write the exam that is linked to them.The students can make use of the following while writing the test:

  • Text-To-Speech
  • Enlarge Images and Text
  • Control the volume and speed level of text to speech
  • Enlarge Images and Text



After the student have written the test, the user can mark their answers on the system. True & False and multiple choice questions are marked automatically by the system.


Generated report of student's answer

The user can also generate and print a report of the studen't answers. This will allow the user to mark on paper and give feedback to the students.

Multiple Functionality


Software is installed locally on the School Server and on computers in the computer centre

Software can be installed on a Computer if there is no server


An internet connection is required on all computers or devices during the test / examination

No software is installed on the school server

Learners log on to the website and their responses are saved to the server real-time


Exams conducted in the traditional Pencil and Paper method

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