With great functionality - like Text-To-Speech and Test Uploading
It’s easy and quick to create tests.


Assessing into the future

Exam Portal has been actively used by many schools, as well the IEB, to administer computer based tests. Among others, these tests include International Benchmarking tests, NSC Examinations, and internal tests for students with concessions for either a human reader, computer accommodation, or both.

The built-in text-to-speech engine caters for all the official South African languages! This creates a standardized testing environment that eliminates nepotism, and unfair advantages. It also creates the ability to share a venue where candidates that require a human reader, or scribe, once had to be in a separate venue on their own.

Students with concessions

Do you require the following:

  • The use of a computer during exams?
  • A Human Reader?
  • Special Educational Needs?
  • A separate venue?
  • Handwriting Concessions?
  • Extra time?

Exam Portal offers all this and more!


Computer Based Learning and Assessment


* Secure for high stakes exams.
* Multiple Test & Reporting Facilities.
* Windows Based.
* Web Based.
* Ability to access rural areas with mobile computer centres.
* Facilities for learners with certain concessions.



* Reads back any text.
* Different Text-To-Speech voices.
* Text-To-Speech available in all the official South African languages, in male and female variants.
* Upload any media files such as mp3 audio or mp4 videos.
* Replaces Human Reader and separate classroom facility.

Fully supported


* Fully developed, and supported by V-Soft Technologies.
* User friendly, simple, and easy to navigate.
* Trained experts providing support.
* On-site support or remote support.

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